About CSUMB Intramural Sports

CSUMB's Intramural Sports program provides CSUMB students, faculty, staff, and alumni the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational sports. Intramural Sports offers 6 week leagues, all star week, and daily weekend tournaments throughout the semester in traditional sports, as well as nontraditional activities. The mission of the Intramural Sports program is to establish friendships and encourage participation through organized recreation while practicing exceptional leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Intramural Sports is primarily a student run program. Sports offered each semester are based on student interest and facility availability, so any suggestions you may have will be taken into consideration.

Stay up to date with league schedules, results, and other information on IMLeagues.com. Many of your questions and concerns can be answered here! You can also utilize the FAQ page. Be sure to follow the CSUMB Intramural Facebook page, which offers multiple promotional items throughout the semester. Last semester a waived entry fee was offer!! 

NIRSA Institutional Member

NIRSA is the leading resource for professional and student development, education, and research in collegiate recreational sports. NIRSA members are actively engaged in many areas of campus life: student leadership, development, and personnel management; wellness and fitness programs; intramural sports; sport clubs; recreation facility operations; outdoor recreation; informal recreation; and aquatic programs. For more information, visit nirsa.org

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IMLeagues.com is a website designed by former intramural sports participants. Over the years IMLeagues has made tremendous strides in the progression of an intramural sports software program that is web-based. IMLeagues makes intramural sports easily accessible to the participants with everything at your fingertips, including a mobile platform if you are on the go! Scheduling and communication between the IM program and the participants could not be simpler. If you have any questions regarding IMLeagues.com, please contact them via their wesbite on live chat.

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CSUMB Intramural Program Information

For all details regarding Intramural policies and procedures, review the Intramural Participant Handbook.

  • All current CSUMB students, alumni, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate.
  • CSUMB intercollegiate athletes are ineligible to compete in their respective or associated sports and may only participate in Intramural events with written permission from their head coach.
  • All participants must create an account and sign up via IMLeagues.com
  • Any team that forfeits will need to pay $10 to "buy back into the league". The team will be suspended from their division until $10 is received. Forfeits can EASILY be avoided, and should not happen. If you are know that your team is not going to be able to field enough players, you can concede that week without penalty. Eligible players may add onto any teams roster up until playoffs. If you have some teammates that can't make a game, pick up some new teammates!
  • Teams will play 1 game each week unless there are few enough teams to have 2 games each week.
  • Team rosters are limited to the maximum number of players allowed to play at one time. Depending on the sport, the roster maximum may vary. See the Calendar of Events for more information.
  • Team rosters are limited to 3 CSUMB Athletics alumni players from that sport (i.e. Soccer teams are limited to 3 CSUMB Soccer alumni players). Athletes who have exhausted 1 year of eligibility will be considered Athletics alumni for Intramural purposes.


Contact the Student Recreation Front Desk at 831-582-4617 or intramurals@csumb.edu. The Intramural Office has moved to the Student Center (Building 12) Room 168.