CSU Summer Arts at CSUMB

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Breaking the Lens: Fostering Self-Discovery encourages individual and social change by engaging CSUMB students in photography, self-reflection, and group dialogue for the development of critical thinking and impactful creative expression. Students received a camera to capture moments in their lives with the purpose of sharing the images in a public space acompanied with a Who Am I poem to advocate and celebrate individuality and identity.

Photography Exhibit

Final images and poems from student participants in this 6-week program will be displayed in the West Lounge of the Student Center through April 1, 2014.  Please stop by to view the students' final art pieces!


  • Valerie Amoin
  • Kraig Bellows
  • Jamara Bernard
  • Jasmine Gharay
  • Juliette Kergoat
  • Manuel Mendoza-Castillo Jr. 
  • Angel Morris
  • Maranatha Croomes
  • Sara Santini
  • Lena Truong
  • Golee Yang

More questions?

This project was conceptualized, developed, and executed by OC3 Student Coordinator Nancy Her (nher@csumb.edu).  Please contact her for any questions!