2012-2013 Intramural League Schedule

    Spring 2013 League Schedule
League Information
Sport   Entries Close Leagues Roster Min/Max Sign-Up
Indoor Soccer   January 29th Competitive & Recreational 4/15 CLOSED
Dodgeball   January 29th OPEN 4/13 CLOSED
Basketball   January 29th Competitive, Recreational  5/15 CLOSED
Handball^   March 26th OPEN 4/15 CANCELLED
Flag Football   March 26th Competitive, Recreational & CoRec 7/20 Sign up at the field!
Volleyball   March 26th Competitive, Recreational & CoRec 4/15 Sign up at the court!
Softball   March 26th OPEN 8/20 Sign up at the field!


All leagues are 5/wk seasons with playoffs to follow. ^- Handball is only a 3/wk season.

Based on facility availability and amount of teams we will be able to have, there will be a few types of leagues for our sports. You can only play in ONE league (unless CoRec is offered, you can also play CoRec).

If there are not enough teams to form a certain type of league, the league will be changed to whatever we see fit.

  • Open league means that anyone can play and the competition can be competitive.
  • Competitive league means that the games are competitive and are set up for those who want to win!
  • Recreational is a league that is offered for CSUMB participants that are looking to have fun, and engage in a co-cirricular activity. If you are looking for good competition, join the competitive league.


  • CoRec league is for teams that MUST have teams of males and females. In the CoRec league you must have no more than 1 person of the opposite sex on the court/field at all times. (ie. Flag Football 7 players on the field, must have 4:3 [males/females]) 

All captains/free agents meetings will be held in the Student Center (Building 12) Room 120.