MBHunt at MontereyWe have a winner! Here were the top three teams. Thanks to everyone for their photos and awesome ninja videos.

  • santashelpers: 200 pts
  • ORDinaryKids: 186 pts
  • Munchkins: 171 pts

Are you intrepid, spirited, creative and determined? Do you like to have fun?Use Instagram? Can you get your hands on a giant baby bottle or a football helmet full of cottage cheese?

Then you may have what it takes to participate in the second annual #MBHunt.

Sample #MBHunt challenge:

Post a photo to Instagram of one or more members of your team with Monte Rey. Be sure to include the hashtags of the item number, #MBHunt, and #yourteamname. 

Reigning #MBHunt Champs:

#1up and #ashunters