MBHunt at Monterey

CSUMB's Scavenger Hunt is back - #MBHunt! 

Gather a team of up to 6 people and create a # team name, snap a picture from the scavenger hunt item list, upload the picture to Instagram, tag the picture with #MBHunt and the item number, and the team with the most points wins! The #MBHunt list will be available at csumb.edu/mbhunt.

Here is what it takes to participate in the third annual #MBHunt.

Sample #MBHunt challenge:

Post a photo to Instagram of one or more members of your team with Monte Rey. Be sure to include the hashtags of the item number, #MBHunt, and #yourteamname. 

Reigning #MBHunt Champs:

Fall 2014 - It could be you!
Fall 2013 - #santashelpers
Spring 2013 - #1up and #ashunters