1. The Scavenger Hunt will begin Saturday, January 26, 2013.
  2. Daily items will be released Monday, January 28 through Friday, February 1 via the CSUMB homepage, Facebook and Twitter. These items are time sensitive and only available the day released. They will be worth extra points.
  3. The Scavenger Hunt final deadline to submit scavenger items to have points awarded to your team will be Saturday, February 2 at 12:00 PM.
  4. Teams must consist of at least 2 people, no more than 6 people and must register at: CSUMB.EDU/MBhunt
  5. Teams can pick and choose which events or clues they would like to pursue. All team members participate by choice and are not required to participate in any specific event or clue to remain a member of a team.
  6. Updated rankings will be provided regularly so teams can chart their progress.
  7. There are a couple of ways for groups to receive points:
    1. Take a picture of someone in your team (face must be visible) at a location or with an item. Upload it to Instagram with the proper hashtag so that it appears on the Scavenger Hunt website once approved. Please don’t forget your Instagram account cannot be set to “private”. We won’t be able to see your photos if it is private.
    2. Any member of your team who responds to a Facebook post or Twitter tweet may receive points. Make sure to include your team name, i.e., #Otter amd #MBHunt. A greater number of points may be awarded as a result of the speed in which the response was given.
  8. To add the picture to the Scavenger Hunt website, create or login to your Instagram account and tag the picture with #MBHunt, the hashtag that corresponds to your team, and make the caption the clue you want the picture to apply to or use the clue number.
  9. Any pictures provided as part of the Scavenger Hunt will become property of California State University, Monterey Bay and may be utilized in electronic or print publications and social networking sites as deemed appropriate by the university.
  10. All pictures must clearly display that the picture was taken at the location or event requested in the clue.
  11. Opportunities to receive points will be given for locations and events occurring on California State University, Monterey Bay’s property and at several off-campus locations.
  12. All team members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and be fair to other teams. Be appropriate.
  13. Inhibiting other groups from completing items in the Scavenger Hunt will result in a loss of points or a team being disqualified from the competition. Play fair.
  14. All items can be acquired legally though smooth talking may be necessary. No federal or state laws or campus rules and regulations should be violated in the process of completing the Scavenger Hunt. Do not do anything illegal!
  15. Participating students, staff or faculty release, waive, and hold harmless California State University, Monterey Bay or any of its officers, agents or employees from any and all liability that arises out of this activity. Participation in the event is entirely voluntary and participants assume full responsibility for injury, loss, and/or damage resulting from participation in the event. This includes financial responsibility for all costs/expenses incurred during the activity, which may include damage to personal property or property of others. Participants are responsible for any costs incurred due to admission fees or travel costs.
  16. Participants traveling to destinations off-campus do so at their own risk and must follow all laws/rules as mentioned above. We encourage teams to carpool and use MST.
  17. CSUMB works to make our events accessible to all. If you need special accommodations to participate, please contact lminemoto@csumb.edu
  18. Scoring is done by the official #MBHunt Committee that consists of brilliant and dedicated CSUMB staff. Any issues with scoring may be addressed to lminemoto@csumb.edu
  19. Winners will be announced during halftime at the Homecoming Men’s Basketball game on Saturday, February 2. Prizes will be awarded to the first place team.
  20. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself!